Art as an expression

I explore painting as a process of experience, sourcing memories and the uncounscious, in which the paint marks reflect the passing time and movement of thoughts.
The perpetual motion of our thoughts takes us towards a greater complexity of the world. Our experience becomes multi layered and coloured with ever-changing perception of things. We often turn to art to find and understand our thoughts and emotions, a space to stand still in contrast to our internal chaotic existence.
Paint and brush become a vehicle to bridge the gulf between ourselves and uncounscious, the canvas becoming a screen of reflection.
In the process of making, paint lends a body to this introspection and maze of sensation, the canvas being a gate of perception and realisation. In a single life-time and even in a singe day we inhibit different mind worlds and emotions. As we contemplate the rising and passing of various states of mind, we begin to liberate ourselves from reaction to and identification with them.